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The Secret World Is Back On Sale???

The Secret World Is Back On Sale???

The Secret World is an mmorpg set in the modern world about the occult. It relaunched as Secret World Legends and became free-to-play but is it back on sale again?

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The Secret World Back On Sale?

I've never played The Secret World but I did try the game's free-to-play version, Secret World Legends, and I don't remember much about it. I guess, the game was not that interesting or, maybe like everything else, I simply just forgot.

Anyway, according to, The Secret World made an appearance in Gamestop's website and it was listed for sale but, when I checked the link posted, all I got was an Access Denied page.

My guess is, someone working on Gamestop's website made a mistake and accidentally re-activated the listing for The Secret World but immediately de-activated the listing when the mistake was noticed.

I don't know if anyone is still looking for a digital copy of The Secret World specially now that it's free-to-play but if you are one of those folks who are still looking then you can find a Steam Key in G2A.

Now, if you are really interested in The Secret World then just play the free-to-play version, Secret World Legends. I believe it's the same game and you can find it in Steam.

Anyway guys, that's all I have for you in this video and if you have any comments, questions or reactions then please post them in the comments section below but please don't get mad if I don't reply to any of it.

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