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STARFIELD, Not Mind Blowing But I Like It (Gaming / Sci-Fi RPG)

STARFIELD, Not Mind Blowing But I Like It (Gaming / Sci-Fi RPG)

STARFIELD had an extended gameplay reveal presented by Todd Howard of Bethesda Game Studios and I like it. I might not be able to play it because my PC only runs on a GTX 1050 but I can dream, can't I? LOLZ!

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Yesterday, I watched the extended gameplay reveal of Bethesda Game Studios next game, Starfield, and it was presented by Todd Howard. The extended Starfield gameplay reveal was over 15 minutes long and I watched it, not once, not twice, not thrice but, multiple times.

The extended gameplay reveal of Starfield covered almost everything. It covered ground combat, it covered part of the story, it covered character creation, it covered base building, it covered ship building, it covered spaceflight, it covered space combat and it covered a little bit of other things from mining and exploration to factions,

Just based on the extended gameplay reveal of Starfield, it had all the mechanics of a Bethesda Game Studios game and I liked it. The music used in the extended gameplay reveal of Starfield was a joy to listen to and, even though the graphics didn't blew my mind, it was clearly a lot better than the last Bethesda Game Studios game which was Fallout 76 and The Elder Scrolls: Blade.

Todd Howard ended the extended gameplay reveal of Starfield by showing off the scale of the game and it was massive. Starfield spans over a hundred systems with over a thousand explorable planets. Imagine Starfield a few years from now having planets transformed into something different by modders because these planets are like canvasses in space waiting for artistic creators to create something from them.

At the end of the extended gameplay reveal of Starfield, the words "coming 2023" appeared which means Bethesda Game Studios still has more than a year to work on and polish Starfield but, if they need more time then I think a delayed release is better than releasing an unfinished game.

So, have you guys seen the extended gameplay reveal of Starfield? Did Starfield remind you of No Man's Sky or did it remind you more of Fallout 4? Post your answers, comments or reactions in the comments section below but please don't get mad if I don't reply to any of it.




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