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Skyrim SE Gameplay [06/02/2022] My Dragonborn Looks Like Donald Trump

Skyrim SE Gameplay [06/02/2022] My Dragonborn Looks Like Donald Trump

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition. In this gameplay, my Dragonborn went to Oakwood, fought a few wolves, fought a couple of bandits and went to Falkreath.

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Anyway, that's it for this gameplay and if you have any comments, questions, reactions or suggestion then post them in the comments section.

The following story was auto-generated by an A. I.

My Dragonborn Looks Like Donald Trump, But He's A Cheerful Joke

In early December, Tanya Gold posted a photo of her son's attempt to portray Donald Trump at a play. And it went viral.

It's not every day that your child has the opportunity to dress up like the President of the United States. So when 10-year-old Will Gold trooped off to a local theatre to stage a pantomime, he decided to step up to the plate.

Will, who lives in London, portrays a dragon at the May Fair Theatre in Covent Garden. This is his first year as a professional actor, he says, and he is thrilled to be working with the renowned John Owen Jones.

HuffPost UK A note from Will to mum Tanya explaining why he's dressed as Donald Trump

The story revolves around an adventure when Will meets a real life dragon, voiced by Jake Edmiston. He reads Will a quote: "Tell me your name and your story," a quote lifted from British astronaut Tim Peake. Will and Jake set off on a quest to find and save his dragon dad, voiced by Mike Bailey.

HuffPost UK Will and Jake (who play the dragon and the dragon's son).

Tanya's Instagram post has been liked by over 25,000 people and has received more than 3,500 comments since she shared the photo in early December. Her son is a regular on the school's yearbook photo pages.

She describes Will as a confident, cheeky young boy with a passion for gardening.

"He loves nature and animals and is very creative," she says. "He has an incredible memory for movies and songs. His favourites are Frozen and Brave, he is constantly singing them."

"We were all blown away that he'd put on his costume, never mind his makeup and wig! I can only imagine how much he would love it if he could one day become President."

"I can't get over the response I have had from people online, it is incredible to have so many people happy for him and for his character," she added.

John Owen Jones, the artistic director of the May Fair Theatre, tells HuffPost UK the production received plenty of feedback on how the performance reflected the election and, in particular, on Donald Trump.

"I think Will showed real character in what he had to do, being a 10-year-old with no reference point for this," he says. "I have been really moved by people online being excited and positively surprised by it."

"I know some people might not see this kind of thing as appropriate but I don't believe there was ever a risk in taking it on."

John Owen Jones, artistic director of the May Fair Theatre.

On stage at the theatre, Will is surrounded by "interesting characters" including an otter, bearded lady, gypsy fortune teller and a cactus, he says.

"There was a security guard who turned up dressed as the Donald himself," says Will. "I had lots of people coming up to me and complimenting me saying they loved it and thanking me for doing it. I don't think any of them realised it was a joke. They just thought I was amazing and doing a really good job."




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