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Sunset World Online Gameplay [03/04/2022] - Fell In A Hole With NO WAY OUT

Sunset World Online Gameplay [03/04/2022] - Fell In A Hole With NO WAY OUT

In this Sunset World Online gameplay, my character fell into a hole and was trapped in a valley. Of course, that happened after spending days, weeks and months at the magic school.

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It was my firs time playing Sunset World Online, a 2D MMORPG. The character I created was a water mage and spent its early days at the magic school like everyone else.

My character's days at the magic school was filled with exciting events like platforming, fighting training dummies, lectures about the different classes and fighting a rock monster.

Eventually, my character left the magic school to travel the world and that was where my character fell into a hole, almost died and got trapped

Anyway, watch the gameplay video to find out more.


Sunset World Online is a free-to-play MMORPG in 2D! Choose from 4 different classes, Fire, Earth, Water, and Wind! And embark on an adventure to the Edgeworld!

Anyway, that's it for this gameplay and if you have any comments, questions, reactions or suggestion then post them in the comments section.




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