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Ashland: Rebellion Of Gods [03/02/2022] - Watching A Vertical Mobile MMORPG

Ashland: Rebellion Of Gods [03/02/2022] - Watching A Vertical Mobile MMORPG

In this Ashland: Rebellion of Gods gameplay, I think this was my first time playing a vertical mobile mmorpg. The game was also an auto-play mobile mmorpg where the game played itself. LOL!

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I don't remember ever playing a vertical mmorpg before which means this was my first time playing one and I think I like horizontal mmorpgs better because I can see more.

Non-vertical mmorpgs already have tons of things on their user interfaces. Having the same amount of things on a vertical mmorpg was worst because everything was hard to see.

Anyway, watch the entire gameplay video to learn more.


Ashland: Rebellion of Gods is a new RPG that mixes idle gaming with RPG elements all wrapped up in next-gen Unreal Engine 4 graphics. The game has soft-launched in the Philippines so we took a detour within the land of the Gods to see what makes it different from other games and if it's really worth playing.

Use this link to play Ashland: Rebellion of Gods for FREE on your PC!

Anyway, that's it for this gameplay and if you have any comments, questions, reactions or suggestion then post them in the comments section.




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