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Star Citizen - MOCKING ITSELF - Gaming / #Shorts (9:16)

Star Citizen - MOCKING ITSELF - Gaming / #Shorts (9:16)

Star Citizen #Shorts - I got to watch a Star Citizen video by Star Citizen where it's mocking itself. Why was it mocking itself? I have no answer to that question.

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I found the part where the host was describing the wrecked ships funny because I thought Star Citizen was mocking itself specially when the host mentioned 10 years.

You see, Star Citizen is almost a decade old and it's still in early alpha development. With hundreds of millions of US Dollars, Star Citizen is still not released but that's understandable because CIG is not making a game but "a man's dream". LOL!

I wonder which game will see a release first, The Elder Scrolls 6 or Star Citizen. For some reason, it feels like The Elder Scrolls 6 is a safer bet than Star Citizen but I could be wrong.

Anyway, watch the video to learn more and if you have any comments, questions or reactions then post them in the comments section.

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