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Battle Steed: Gunma Mostly Negative Rating In STEAM (Gaming)

Battle Steed: Gunma Mostly Negative Rating In STEAM (Gaming)

Battle Steed: Gunma is a 6 versus 6 robot third person shooting game by MGame and it's currently available in Early Access in Steam.

Since my last video on Battle Steed: Gunma, I still haven't played the game because it's not free and since, I don't really make any money making videos, I can't really buy the game.

Anyway, I did get another Press Release from Battle Steed: Gunma and it was about updating and fixing the game which I think is important. No one likes to play a broken game.

According to the Press Release: The following items have been added/fixed in the game.

1. The skills of ES-37 have been reworked.

- FireSupport (E-skill): Summons a drone that attacks with the main weapon.
- Deceleration Missile (Q-Skill): Fires a missile in front, dealing damage and reducing movement speed.
- Domination (ultimate): Activates a drone that can explore a wide area.(After a certain amount of time, the drone disappears.) While the ultimate is active Skills change to Cluster Missile(E-skill) and EMP Missile(Q-skill).
- EMP Missile(E-Skill): Fires a missile with a slight guidance function to deal damage and stun the enemy.
- Cluster Missile(Q-Skill): Fires a howitzer missile that spreads from the peak and deals wide-area damage.

2. Balance related fixes

- The attack power of the ES-37's main weapon has been reduced.
- DP-99 Fatal Missile's bullet recovery speed has been increased.
- The extra time duration when capturing Area has been reduced.

3. UI Fixes

- In-game text has been changed to be more readable.
- Fixed to make it easier to see key controls in the training area.
- UIs that teach beginners how to operate have been added.

4. Other fixes

- SFX of some skills has been improved. (It is constantly being improved.)
- The visual presentation of some skills has been improved.

Unfortunately, Battle Steed: Gunma is sitting at a Mostly Negative rating in Steam right now. Maybe, the game received those negative ratings because of the issues that WERE fixed in this update.

I'm not really sure if it's a good thing but the game is still in Early Access which means it has a lot of room to improve and, who knows, it might even become one of the best games out there in the future.

So guys, are any of you playing Battle Steed: Gunma? If any of you are then what are your thoughts about the game? Is it a bloody mess or is it amazingly good? Post you answers as well as your comments, questions or reactions in the comments section below.

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