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Skyrim LE Gameplay 2021 - Crafted A Backpack, Fought Bandits and Died

Skyrim LE Gameplay 2021 - Crafted A Backpack, Fought Bandits and Died

In this Skyrim Legendary Edition gameplay, my dragonborn, Adam Page, crafted a backpack, fought bandits and got taken out a few times but came back and beat them all. He will do the same to Kenny Omega in Fullgear.

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Thanks to a mod called Big Leather Backpack, a few nice looking backpacks were added to my game of Skyrim Legendary Edition.

I could easily get them using the AddItemMenu mod but I didn't. Instead, I gathered the materials and crafted a Big Leather Backpack.

The backpack added 100 points to my Dragonborn's carry capacity. Again, my Dragonborn's name is Adam Page.


Sadly, my Dragonborn Adam Page experienced his first death in Skyrim Legendary Edition and it was courtesy of a female Bandit Marauder.

It took my Dragonborn a few tries to beat the Bandit Marauder because the Bandit Marauder was tough as nails.

My Dragonborn was only at Level 1 and, at that level, my Dragonborn was only dealing very little damage to the Bandit Marauder.

The other two Bandits were easily dispatched by my Dragonborn because they were not as tough as the Bandit Marauder.

Anyway, watch my gameplay video to find out more.

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