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How I Summoned The New Killer Scarecrow Of South Quel Woods (Gaming - Shroud of the Avatar)

How I Summoned The New Killer Scarecrow Of South Quel Woods (Gaming - Shroud of the Avatar)

In Shroud of the Avatar's Release 95, a new Scarecrow monster was added in the game and it was placed in an abandoned cursed farm in South Quel Woods.

For those who don't know, South Quel Woods is just south of Magna Planitia or just a little bit to the north of Brightbone Pass.

Now, when I was in the abandoned cursed farm in South Quel Woods, I was able to summon the new killer Scarecrow by doing the following.

First, there was a field of brown grass with four scarecrows standing. Pressing E on each of the scarecrows set them on fire. With four scarecrows burning, Fire Elementals appeared on the field next to the burning scarecrows.

Second, with Fire Elementals on the field, I had only two choices, either run away or fight the Fire Elementals which I did.

Third, defeating all Fire Elementals, summoned a new enemy on the field and the new enemies were Red Spiders.

The final step was, although I'm not quite sure about this one, defeating all Red Spiders made the new killer Scarecrow appear on the field.

The new killer Scarecrow was big, scary looking and it was mad about something I did. Maybe because I killed all his Fire Elementals and all his Red Spiders but, whatever it was, it made him crazy mad.

Unfortunately, I was no match against the new killer Scarecrow. I was dealing very little damage while I was getting large amounts of damage from it and, eventually, my avatar fell flat on the ground.

Anyway, that was how I summoned, fought and died from the new killer Scarecrow of South Quel Woods. If there was anything I did wrong in how I summoned the Scarecrow then please post it together with your comments, questions or reactions in the comments section below.

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