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Mir4 - Can You Really Make Money Playing Mir4? (Gaming / Play To Earn / Crypto)

Mir4 - Can You Really Make Money Playing Mir4? (Gaming / Play To Earn / Crypto)

So, the question was, can you really make money in Mir4? Well, the simple and quick answer to the question is YES because I've done it already. I've already cashed out my Mir4 earnings twice but the amounts were very small.

In my first cash out which was a test cash out, I received 440 Pesos which was the value left after going from Mir4 to Wemix to Biki to Coinsph and finally GCash.

In my second cash out, I received 460 Pesos which was almost 10 US Dollars at that time and it also went through the same processes.

So, making money in Mir4 is real and it's possible but, with the dropping value of Draco, it might take you a very long time to make anything worth cashing out specially if you are a normal player with only 1 or two accounts.

I was able to cash out twice because, when I did it, the value of Draco in WeMix was still somewhat high but that is not the case anymore.

Of course, those with a hundred accounts and also use Mir4 mining bots, won't have any problems making money in Mir4 because they can mine millions of Darksteel and make hundreds of Dracos.

Anyway, if the proliferation of users with hundreds of accounts and the use of mining bots continue then a time will come when making money in Mir4 becomes almost impossible.

So guys, how many accounts do you have running at the same time in Mir4 and how much money are you making each day? Post your answers, as well as your comments, questions or reactions in the comments section below.

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