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Mir4, The Battle For Darksteel Mining Nodes Has Started (Gaming / Play To Earn)

Mir4, The Battle For Darksteel Mining Nodes Has Started (Gaming / Play To Earn)

Honestly, Mir4 as a game is not particularly great because it's basically your typical auto-play mobile mmorpg and the only reason why most players are playing is because of the promise of earning money from it.

Now, to earn money, players need to mine Darksteel and there is only one place where players can mine Darksteel and that is Bicheon Valley. 

With so many players looking to mine Darksteel and only one place to mine it is a perfect recipe for chaos because players are now fighting for Darksteel mining nodes specially the rare ones.

It happened to me twice already, I was peacefully mining Darksteel when suddenly a red named player appeared and started attacking me and, while we were fighting, another player came in and stole my Darksteel mining node.

Players fighting and stealing Darksteel mining nodes are no longer isolated cases because you will find players fighting over a high tier Darksteel node everywhere in Bicheon Valley.

I'm not sure if players fighting over Darksteel nodes is intended by the developers but I'm sure it's adding more toxicity in an already toxic gaming environment.

So guys, should the developers add more Darksteel mining areas or they should just let players fight it out? Post your answers, as well as your comments, questions or reactions in the comments section below.

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