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PRESS RELEASE: Indonesian Influencer receives 80,000USD Donation while streaming Ragnarok X

The donation occurred when Reza was live streaming the game Ragnarok X: Next Generation, an officially licensed Ragnarok franchise. The Weird Genius member did not expect to receive such a large amount of donations during the live streaming session. The streamer was initially amazed by a Rp 10 million-donation by a fan named Doni Salmanan less than five minutes at beginning. The donation, however, did not stop there. Doni Salmanan increased the donation, and within 15 minutes, Doni's donation had reached Rp 450 million, until finally reached Rp 1 billion, which marked the donation that Reza Arap had received so far. Shortly after, Reza had the chance to reach out Doni, he turned out to be a sincere fan of Reza who really liked him.

With the number of viewers peaked from 4000 to 40,000, the episode soon became a trending across the country. The audience were not only curious to find out Doni, but also drawn to the game that Reza played.

Launched in 9 countries within the SEA region in June, Ragnarok X: Next Generation is the brand-new and mobile adaptation of the historic MMORPG franchise. Ragnarok X: Next Generation brings back all the parts of Ragnarok Online that you loved - the original classes, the charming monsters, even the familiar cities and locations - and faithfully recreates them inch-by-inch with stunning modern graphics, along with a free 3D camera to allow players to admire the scenery. From the Porings and Lunatics roaming the fields outside Prontera to the zombies of Payon Dungeon, nothing is different but everything has changed, making it a new and fresh journey for players.

Besides offering a version fully faithful to your nostalgic memories, the all new Ragnarok also features a balanced and optimal game experience. It is truly free-to-play friendly, as players can get free diamonds by their own endeavor, and also be gifted with abundant rewards for users going forward through various events. In short, the longer you enjoy the adventure, the better you perform in the game.

Whether you’re a grizzled veteran or a fresh-faced novice, now is the time to continue or your unfinished Ragnarok story that will stay with you for decades long in Ragnarok X: Next Generation. Join thousands of players from around the world in Midgard, and relive your blissful days in the land of Midgard with your friends, just like the game's slogan goes, "Together, We ROX!"

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