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Dungeon Crawling, Deck Building, and… Mini golf?

The tiny Copenhagen based indie game studio Triheart Studio announces their first game Golfie - a roguelite mini golf deck building game. With procedural level generation and collection of cards and perks, it’s a completely new way to get that mini golf fix!

How it works

True to the roguelite formula, Golfie is a run-based game, and the goal is to complete 18 holes. You start with 5 lives and a small deck of some basic cards, but the levels get difficult fast, and you need to get your hands on more powerful cards and perks to survive and complete all the courses. There are crystals and coins scattered throughout the levels which can be used to pick new cards and perks for your deck, and buy items from the shops, so going straight for the hole might not always be the best idea! The cards can give you crazy powers that you are not used to seeing in mini golf games - like a paste that makes the ball stick to any surface, magnetic fields that attract or repulse the ball, or even a card that lets you teleport around!

“Innovative and engaging mixture of genres that stands out” says Sandra Fagerli, CEO at Triheart Studio  ”A truly unique entry in the beloved roguelite category which has yet to see a spin on golf” 

Try it yourself!

Golfie is available to try for free from august 20th to september 3rd 2021 - a whole two weeks free demo of an early development build! You can sign up to try the demo on the steam page right here:

About Triheart Studio

A tiny indie game studio based in Copenhagen, Denmark. It currently consists of Sandra and Jacob who also happen to be married. They are supervised by their 6 months old daughter Luna and their dog Arfus.

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Wishlist now on Steam: 

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