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Black Desert Online, Default Language Won't Change!

Black Desert Online, Default Langunage Won't Change!

Last time in Black Desert Online, I was playing the game on my old PC and everything was in English. When my PC died, I started playing Black Desert Mobile and it was also in English.

Recently, I reinstalled Black Desert Online on a different PC through Steam but the language used in the game was not in English. I tried changing the language through the in-game Settings but it did not work.

Even after setting everything in English, the language in the game was still not in English. I thought about restarting the game which I did but it didn't do anything except maybe waste a few minutes.

Anyway, it was really annoying. Trying to play a game in a different language was almost like playing Shroud of the Avatar in English, it was painful and it was not fun.

So guys, do any of you know how to change the language of Black Desert Online to English? Post your answers, as well as your comments, questions or reactions in the comments section below.

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