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Alien Worlds, My First NFT (Crypto / Gaming)

Alien Worlds, My First NFT (Crypto / Gaming)

Last time on Alien Worlds, my CPU usage was at 99% even though I was not playing the game and that was a problem it won't let me do anything.

That was last time but, recently, I finally got my first NFT from mining in Alien Worlds. The NFT was a mining equipment called Standard Drill and it was better than my default mining tool called Standard Shovel.

Equipping and using the Standard Drill together with the Standard Shovel increased my mining output by a little bit but it also increased my mining cooldown or recharge time.

Now, if I can just solve this ridiculous running out of CPU error then I might be able to enjoy the benefits of mining using two mining tools. Until then, all I can do is do a little bit of mining whenever my CPU usage goes down.

Anyway, getting my first NFT in Alien Worlds was awesome because it motivated me to keep on mining or playing the game. I just wish I could enjoy using it.

So guys, how many NFTs have you mined in Alien Worlds? Also, where are the best places to mine in the game?

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