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Alien Worlds, 99% CPU When I Haven't Done Anything Yet?

Alien Worlds, 99% CPU When I Haven't Done Anything Yet?

Last time in Alien Worlds, I had to stop playing because I ran out of CPU and I had to stake WAX on it to get back into the action. Well, that was according to the error message.

Regardless of the error message, I didn't stake any WAX on the CPU because I had no WAX to stake. Instead, I stopped playing and waited for the CPU usage to go down.

Unfortunately, instead of the CPU usage going down, it went up to 99% even though I haven't done any mining at all.

Actually, I was not even logged in to the game yet. Before logging in, I went to my WAX dashboard to check the CPU usage and that's how I knew the CPU usage was at 99%.

With a CPU usage of 99%, there was absolutely nothing I can do in the game. I'm not even sure if I can do any kind of transaction within the network, as well.

Anyway, with no WAX to stake on the CPU, am I barred from playing Alien Worlds until the CPU usage goes down?

So guys, what are your thoughts about Alien Worlds requiring players to stake WAX on the CPU to lower usage?

Post your answers, as well as your comments, questions or reactions in the comments section below.

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