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Ragnarok X: The Next Generation Close Beta Test (Gaming)

Ragnarok X: The Next Generation Close Beta Test (Gaming)

Ragnarok Online was my very first MMORPG and I played for two straight years. After I quit playing, I was able to trade my account for a Playstation One. That was almost two decades ago.

Recently, I received a press release about a new Ragnarok Online game called Ragnarok X: The Next Generation. It's a mobile Ragnarok Online game and it's in 3D like Ragnarok M: Eternal Love.

From what I've read online, Ragnarok X was made by the same team that made Ragnarok M. Which means, if you enjoyed Ragnarok M then you might also enjoy Ragnarok X.

According to the press release, Ragnarok X Next Generation is a re-imagination of Rune-Midgarts, rendered in polished 3D, next generation gameplay, original classes, demons and a few pages of marketing jargons to over-hype the game.

Anyway, the Ragnarok X Next Generation is currently in Close Beta Testing in Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia and Singapore. The Close Beta Tests started on April 23, 2021 and will end on May 8, 2021.

If you are in the SEA region and you are interested in joining the Close Beta Test of Ragnarok X Next Generation then you can download and install the game in your Android device from Google Playstore.

So guys, are any of you excited in playing this latest incarnation of Ragnarok Online?

Post your answers, as well as your, questions or reactions in the comments section.

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