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Let's Play Black Desert Mobile 2021 [Episode 3] MENIAL TASKS, ANCIENTS & RED NOSE 🤡

Let's Play Black Desert Mobile 2021 [Episode 3] MENIAL TASKS, ANCIENTS & RED NOSE 🤡

#BlackDesertMobile, the critically acclaimed sandbox MMORPG brought to your fingertips on mobile. Indulge in the vast immersive world full of unexpected surprises and breathtaking action. 

In this Black Desert Mobile gameplay / let's play:

My character who was a warrior was at level 14 when the gameplay started. He spent a good amount of time in his camp and even built a refinery.

My warrior did menial tasks like logging, mining and gathering. He also fought various types of imps, tree spirits and wolves. In the Living Artifact mission, he defeated Ancient Sentries and an Ancient Siege Weapon.

Near the end of the gameplay, my warrior fought Red Nose again in the Boss Rush. Boss Rush allows players to fight with defeated bosses again and again and again.

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