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Twitch Drops, Rewards and Rise of Nehliya | ArcheAge Unchained

Twitch Drops, Rewards and Rise of Nehliya | ArcheAge Unchained

ArcheAge and ArcheAge Unchained had a new update called Rise of Nehliya. It came with a new map and 9 main story quests for you to consume before the next update.

To celebrate the release of Rise of Nehliya, the Rock n Scroll event is back to help you and your viewers get ready for the new map.

You can exchange your Rock n Scroll gems for various rewards that will help you improve your gear or even snag other useful goodies.

There was also a Daily Login Event but that ended a couple of days ago. If you missed it then too bad but there is always a next time. I just don't know when.

Also, until December 14 of this year, those who enjoy watching ArcheAge or ArcheAge Unchained in twitch might get a chance to receive rewards via Twitch Drops.

Anyway, I received this update from ArcheAge 6 days ago but I'm sure it's still fresh news since I just saw it today. If you already know this then good for you.

That's it for this one and if you have any comments, questions or reactions then please post them in the comments section below.

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