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Players Extorting From Players | Vendetta Online

Players Extorting From Players | Vendetta Online

One of the few games that I casually play on this phone is vendetta online.

Vendetta Online is free to play space mmorpg where you can play as an evil space pirate that robs or extort money from defenseless players like those who are playing as miners.

As an evil space pirate, defenseless victims either pay you the money or you turn their ships into scrap metal.

I spend most of my time mining in vendetta online and I've been a victim of an evil extorting space pirate twice while mining.

Getting my ship blown up into scrap metal twice didn't really cause me any damage because it was cheaper to buy back my ship than pay the evil extorting space pirate.

In fact, the experience was more annoying than damaging. If the intention was to annoy players then the acts of these evil extorting space pirates in vendetta online are working.

Anyway, if you guys dreamed of becoming an evil extorting space pirate then you can do so in Vendetta Online.

That's it for this and if you have any comments, questions or reactions then please post them in the comments section below.

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