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Audition Next Level Holds PH Qualifier for IESF World Championship Tournament

Audition Next Level Holds PH Qualifier for IESF World Championship Tournament

A big milestone for Audition Next Level and its fans was revealed end of August 2020 as the International Esports Federation (IeSF) announced that Audition, the rhythm dance game developed by HanBitSoft, has become a promoted title under the IeSF World Championship Tournament to be held in Eilat, Israel on December 6-12, 2020.

Audition was developed back in 2004 by Korea’s T3 Entertainment, and it’s been a popular music and dancing rhythm game in the Philippines for the past 14 years. Playpark Inc, the local publisher of Audition in the Philippines has announced the Philippine Qualifier tournament for Audition Next Level.

The tournament is a 3-on-3 match for the eliminations until the finals. The PH elimination rounds will be held on September 26, 2020 while the semi-final and final rounds will be on September 27, 2020. The top team will then go into a triple-header match for the right to be the official Philippine Representative to the online Qualifying Rounds starting October this year and a chance to compete at IeSF Grands Finals in Eilat, Israel.

Over Php 100,000 worth of prizes will be at stake for the winners of the Philippine qualifiers with the champion having a lion’s share. This is excluding the travel and accommodation expenses to be sponsored by PlayPark Inc. for the winner should he or she reach the grand finals.

Due to the possibility of overseas travel, all participants are required to have an active Philippine passport. All safety and security details will be strictly implemented and monitored by PlayPark Inc. to ensure the representative’s health and well-being.

Officially Sanctioned by PESO

Due to its status as an IeSF tournament, the PlayPark Audition Next Level team has been working closely with the Philippine Esports Organization (PESO), to ensure that the rules, gameplay, and other details are strictly aligned to the regulations of the IeSF World Championship series. 

With the PH Qualifier tournament, the members of PESO as well as the PlayPark Audition team hopes to produce a representative that will not only follow in the Philippines’ tradition of producing truly world-class athlete representatives, but also become a global ambassador for Audition Next Level.

The PH Qualifiers to be livestreamed on the official Audition Next Level and PlayPark Facebook pages. Tournament livestream starts at 5PM on September 26, 2020.

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