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Shroud of the Avatar Unlinking From STEAM, Is it really IMPOSSIBLE?

Shroud of the Avatar Unlinking From STEAM, Is it really IMPOSSIBLE?

One of the things I shouldn't have done when I first played Shroud of the Avatar was to LINK my Shroud of the Avatar account to my STEAM account.

Like everyone else back then, I was very excited to play Shroud of the Avatar and, because of that, I did not hesitate to link my STEAM account to my Shroud of the Avatar account.

Later, I learned that unlinking my Shroud of the Avatar account from my STEAM account was impossible. Also, according to a Shroud of the Avatar Community Manager and I quote, "We cannot unlink accounts as stated. Sorry, but we cannot handle these requests if placed with customer service, just in case you were headed in that direction."

Well, I guess that's it right? They said it cannot be unlinked but is it actually true? Maybe it's true, maybe it's not but according to a recent reply on a similar post by a player and I quote, "I asked Steam about this over a month ago and they stated that third parties are the ones responsible for managing the steam user links."

"It is up to the third party to implement tools on their website that allow users to unlink or modify their linked steam data."

I've also learned that games like Star Wars The Old Republic also did not have the ability to unlink accounts when it launched in STEAM but now it has.

Another also, by simply doing a simple google search, I learned that Linking and Unlinking Steam Accounts is something that happens normally in other games like NosTale.

So, if other MMORPGs or games like Star Wars The Old Republic and NosTale can Link and Unlink Steam accounts then why can't Shroud of the Avatar do the same?

Anyway, if you have any comments, questions of reactions then please post them in the comments section below.

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