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Trovo Live Banned a Streamer for using the word R*CIST!

Trovo Live Banned a Streamer for using the word R*CIST!

Here is a super weird and super stupid story about a livestreaming platform called Trovo Live banning a livestreamer for the most stupid thing, saying the word RACIST in chat.

Trovo Live or simply Trovo is a newish livestreaming platform like Twitch and DLive. I learned about Trovo Live from a content creator that I follow in Twitter who was livestreaming in Trovo.

Sadly, he was banned by Trovo from the platfom thus losing his channel and the reason given to him by Trovo was RACISM.

Based on his tweets (as shown from the screenshot), the only thing he did was call Cartman (the South Park character) both racist and weird in chat.

Which means, based from the action of Trovo against his channel, saying or using the word racist in chat is automatically RACISM which was bannable.

Or maybe,the people running Trovo Live are huge fans of South Park and they felt offended and insulted when Cartman was called racist and weird which led to the banning of his account.

Either way, he was banned from the platform by Trovo for saying the word racist in chat and, if it's true then that is a super weird and super stupid reason.

So guys, is saying the word racist in any social media platform a bannable offense? Post your answers as well as your comments, questions or reactions in the comments section below.

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