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SKYRIM 2020 Gameplay! Kill the Leader of Knifepoint Ridge!

SKYRIM 2020 Gameplay! Kill the Leader of Knifepoint Ridge!

The quest is a Miscellaneous Quest and the objective is to Kill the Leader of Knifepoint Ridge. I rode my horse and traveled by horse to Knifepoint Ridge. I was accompanied by two followers, Millepon and Tuula.

Along the way, I discovered Cracked Tusk Keep and Lorne's Shack. I simply followed the map and eventually arrived at Knifepoint Ridge.

The surrounding area of Knifepoint Ridge was defended by all kinds of bandits. There were bandit scouts, bandit archers, bandit highwaymen, bandit disgraced, bandit warriors, bandit brawlers, bandit sickly, bandit steelshots, bandit droppers, etc.

The fight outside Knifepoint Ridge was chaos. If I didn't have a healer and a magic user then I would have died a long time ago because there were just too many bandits.

Inside Knifepoint Mine, the target of the mission was waiting. She armed herself and immediately went on the offensive but her effort was in vain because she died. Her death completed the objective.

I went back to Falkreath and reported the completion of the mission to the sleeping Jarl of Falkreath, Siddgeir. I woke him up, told him what happened and I was rewarded with a very large sum of 500 gold.

By the way, my followers were Millepon and Tuula. Millepon is a healer follower and you can get her by downloading and installing the Millepon Healer Follower Skyrim Mod. Tuula is a wench NPC and she is one of the many wenches from the Immersive Wenches Skyrim Mod.

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