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MONSTER SLAYERS Gameplay! Two CLERICS Died in a Battle of Survival!

MONSTER SLAYERS Gameplay! Two CLERICS Died in a Battle of Survival!

► In this Monster Slayers gameplay, it was my first time playing Monster Slayers. According to the opening screen, Monster Slayers is a deck-building rogue-like adventure. I created my character and played the game.

In the Choose A New Hero screen, there were 6 heroes to choose from. There was the Rogue, Ranger, Knight, Barbarian, Cleric and Wizard. The first hero I chose was a Cleric, customized it's look and went through the tutorial of Monster Slayers.

As for the next location, the game said something like not ready for the location yet. When I heard that, I thought and decided to abort the quest but it lead to the death of my cleric. So, aborting a quest means death to my character.

The game asked me to create a new character to replace the one that died and I created another cleric. In the adventure, I was asked by the game to choose a companion and I chose a druid. Sadly my cleric and druid were defeated by a Level 2 Undead Ranger.

I was again asked by the game to create a new character and this time I created a Knight for better defense or survivability. I was asked to choose a new companion and I chose a Monk. I survived longer and survived a battle against a Level 4 Undead Knight.

Playing the game on an AMD Phenom II X6 1055T processor, an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 video card and 16 GB of RAM.

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