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#NowPlaying Aura Kingdom 2 and, in this #AuraKingdom2 #Gameplay, I completed Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 of the main story in one hour of gameplay. Also, I got a new costume and a couple of new Eidolons.

2:00 - Eidolon Affinity 2

While speaking with Leona's Illussion, a warrior appeared, attacked me and everything went dark. When the darkness faded, I had control of the warrior and fought skeletons, soldiers, captives and all kinds of things. LOL!

5:30 - Summoned Argles

When the flashback ended and, I got back in the real world or present time, I suddenly got the ability to summon Argles which I did.

8:30 - New Costume

I talked to this round person and he gave me a new costume. The new costume was called Ocean's Demise and it's a nice looking costume. I think it was better than what I was wearing at that time.

13:20 - Chapter 1 Complete

Well, it looked like a completed Chapter 1 of the game's main story. Chapter 1 is called The Journer of Destiny and I received a few rewards like earning an awesome title and others.

14:20 - Summoned Kira

I found out I could summon a new Eidolon and, this time the Eidolon was named Kira. Is this game an Eidolon collecting game? LOL!

19:25 - Chapter 2 & Flying?

Chapter 2 started and it's titled A New Day  in the Old Town. I also discovered I can fly like a bird. How am I flying? I have no idea how but, after flying a few seconds, I landed and started fighting Longtusk Boars.

23:15 - Dungeon?

I entered the dungeon for some reason and fought with the Fallen Maniac, Toto. I won the fight and received some rewards. By the way, I did not do anything. The game fought itself. LOL!

25:30 - Wasteland Wolves & Oldtown Thieves

The quest was to eliminate 5 Wasteland Wolves and I did. I eliminated 5 Wasteland Wolves using the power of Auto-Questing. After that, it was the Oldtown Thieves and Robbers turn to DIE.

29:35 - Avoided Detection

In the next quest, I had to sneak in and avoid detection. It was an easy quest but I still failed to complete it flawlessly. Sadly, Auto-Questing and Auto-Battle did not work in this quest.

31:20 - Oldtown Raiders and Evil Jadon

Next quest was to eliminate Oldtown Raiders and Evil Jadon. The fight with Evil Jadon was SUPER LAGGY because my Eidolons appeared out of nowhere.

37:10 - Eliminate Charging Boars

The next quest was another subjugation quest and it was to subjugate Charging Boars. The Charging Boars weren't really charging at anything.

44:45 - Eliminate Demon Warriors

After a few gathering quests, the next one was a quest to subjugate Demon Warriors. I had to eliminate 5 Demon Warriors to complete the quest.

47:00 - Eliminate Evil Skeletons

There were many Evil Skeletons in the area and the quest was to eliminate at least 5 Evil Skeletons.

48:30 - Eliminate Beria

Beria was a big Skeleton Soldier summoned by the Succubus, Anthea, and the quest was to eliminate Beria.

52:20 - Eliminate Crystal Spider

I was teleported into a not so dark but with bluish light dungeon where I fought Ruins Skeletons, a Rock Elemental and a Crystal Spider.

56:50 - Chapter 2 Complete

I guess, beating the Crystal Spider was the end of Chapter 2, A New Day in the Old Town, and I received a few rewards like an awesome title and others.

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