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#NowPlaying Shadow Arena and, in this #ShadowArena #Gameplay, it was my second time playing Shadow Arena.

5:50 - Against The AI

My first match was against the AI and the Champion or Hero I selected was Goyen who was a two-handed sword wielding knight.

8:00 - Dark Spirit

When the actual match started, my character who was Goyen turned into what looks like a Dark Spirit and was ejected outward into the map.

9:20 - Versus Jordine Bot

I encountered and engaged Jordine Bot who was one of the AI's or bots in the match. I thought I fought a player. LOL! Remember, I was playing in an AI Match which means I was playing with bots.

17:55 - Versus Badal the Golden Bot

Next bot or AI I encountered was Badal the Golden Bot. I managed to kill him and he dropped many treasures. I took all his treasures. LOL!

18:35 - Versus Haru Bot

A minute later, I encountered Haru Bot. The bots or AI's were not hard to fight because their level were set to only Level 1.

19:55 - Versus Ahon Kirus Bot

The fight ended quickly because I was with my Party Mate. It was 2 against 1 but it doesn't matter. A fight is a fight even if it was against bots. LOL!

21:10 - Versus Haru Bot and Jordine Bot

The last two bots we encountered were Haru Bot and Jordine Bot. Killing both of them ended the match. Of course, our Party won against the bots. LOL!

27:45 - Level 2 AI Match

I started another AI Match but, this time, I increased the AI's to Level 2 which would make them more difficult to deal with. Again, my Hero or Champion was Goyen.

37:20 - Versus Jordine Bot and Badal the Golden Bot

The first bot I encountered in the second AI match was Jordine Bot and Badal the Golden Bot. I was doubled teamed by two bots and died. LOL!

40:25 - Solo Match (with Players)

So, I tried playing a Solo Match with actual players but the wait was too long. The match needed 40 players but I left the match after waiting and it only got up to 15 players. The game needs more players.

47:40 - Third Level 2 AI Match

I left the Solo Match because the wait was too long and played in my third Level 2 AI match. Guess what? The wait was not long. LOL!

58:55 - Versus Shultz Bot

After 10 minutes of just wandering around and beating shadow monsters, I encountered my first bot or AI and it was Shultz Bot. Shultz Bot died and dropped a lot of treasures for me to pick up which I did.

1:00:20 - Met / Joined StarProdigy

It seemed, I had a Party mate in this AI match again. The name was StarProdigy and I just followed when we met on the field.

1:00:30 Versus Shultz Bot Again

Out of nowhere, I was attacked by another Shultz Bot. The attack sent me flying in the distance. StarProdigy and I managed to kill the Shultz Bot and take its treasures.

1:01:20 - Match Ended

The match ended when StarProdigy killed the last remaining bot. I was not able to help because I was too busy opening treasure boxes. LOL!

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