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VWE Primetime (5/5/2020) Quick Recap / Review! Second Life Wrestling!

VWE Primetime (5/5/2020) Quick Recap / Review! Second Life Wrestling!

In a very rare occassion, I found myself livestreaming and having a good time watching VWE Primetime earlier today at the City of Gold in Second Life.

This past few years, I don't usually livestream VWE shows because VWE has their own official livestream in their official youtube channel but today was an exception because it happened on a whim.

I didn't even know there was a VWE show today. I only found out about it when I received a group notice from Matt Asadar's Gun Club group in Second Life.

Since, I was not doing anything important, I logged in to my Second Life account, went to the City of Gold and watched VWE Primetime.

As always, I de-rendered everyone who I thought was not part of the show to reduce lag and there were so many avatars to de-render because VWE shows are very popular.

Also, I did not spend a lot of time moving my viewer around to capture the action. I just kept my viewer in first person view like I was there watching an actual professional wrestling show.

With that said, the first match featured the reigning VWE Heavyweight Champion Matt Asadar in a super squash match against Billy Dood.

So, both wrestlers got in the ring and, in a blink of an eye, the match was over. The winner was none other than the Gunslinger Matt Asadar.

After the match, Matt Asadar took a microphone but, while he was still addressing the crowd, a wrestler named Dmitri, if I heard the name correctly, entered the ring and gave Matt Asadar a piece of his foot.

Next match was a women's match between, Ursula Black and Kittie who entered the ring rocking a guitar but I didn't hear anything play. Was it an air guitar? Only Kittie knows.

Some highlights of the match were;

  • Kittie jumping off the top rope and landing on Ursula for a 2 count. 
  • Kittie double stomping Ursula in one corner. 
  • Ursula with a german suplex on Kittie with a pin attempt ending in a two count.
  • Kittie doing a sommersault from the top rope and connecting. 
  • The match ended when Kittie did a super complicated aerial move from the top turnbuckle that pinned Ursula for the win.

After the match, Samantha Foxy came out and had a chat with Ursula Black. It looks Samantha Foxy has somekind of issue with Ursula Black and they'll wait for each other at Proving Ground, whatever that is.

Next match was a tag team match and, at first I thought it was a mixed tag match but it wasn't. The match was between the team of Lyra Phoenix and The Hammer against the team of Knight and Michael Karsin.

  • The tag match started with The Hammer and Michael Karsin but Michael tagged out after getting a big boot on the face.
  • The Hammer tagged in Lyra but no before getting a knee on the face as well. 
  • Knight at one point got a lot of boots from both Lyra and The Hammer. 
  • Lyra Phoenix went for a cover after a double suplex with The Hammer for a two count. 
  • Knight was able to get a two count from a bridge german suplex before tagging Michael back in. Michael got a suplex, a series of kicks before getting countered by Lyra Phoenix. 
  • Later, Knight did what looks like a superman punch from the top rope but I don't think it connected. 
  • The Hammer did connect witha running clothesline that sent Knight over the ropes and on the floor. 
  • The match ended when Michael got pinned by Lyra after getting spun around and getting a dropkick on the head.

After the match, Michael Karsin and Knight had a conversation that ended in a the break up of their tag team. I guess, Knight blamed Michael Karsin for the lost and decided to break up the team.

Next was a match between Skillex and Diesel. This was a rather short match with almost nothing memorable happened. The match ended when Diesel tapped out from a submission hold giving Skillex the win.

After the match, a group of four people came out from the back led by Drake Edwards but the owner of VWE Seth Cameron came out and ordered everyone except for Drake Edwards to leave the ring area.

The next match was the final match of the evening. It was the main event and it was for the United States Championship between the current champion Wrex Ocelot and Drake Edwards.

Some highlights of the match were;

  • Wrex Ocelot pummeling Drake with a series of punches at the start and landing an enzuigiri. 
  • Drake Edwards with a standing dropkick on Wrex Ocelot. Drake Edwards witha series of knees and a suplex on Wrex Ocelot. 
  • Wrex Ocelot jumping on Drake Edwards from behind for a Kotaro Krusher and a cover for 2 counts. 
  • Wrex Ocelot with a roundhouse kick called the Warrior's Calling and another cover for a two count. 
  • Drake Edwards applying the figure four leglock on Wrex Ocelot. 
  • Drake Edwards with a big boot on Wrex Ocelot in one of the corners. 
  • Wrex Ocelot with, what I thought was, a Code Red but, looking at the video again, I think it was a Canadian Destroyer on Drake Edwards and a cover for two counts. 
  • Wrex Ocelot landing the Ocelot Special on Drake Edwards and a cover for another 2 counts. 
  • Wrex Ocelot with a moonsault from the top rope but got superkicked in the air by Drake Edwards followed by a cover for the 1, 2 and 3. 
  • Winner of the match and new United States Champion Drake Edwards.

Wrex Ocelot was in control of the entire match but, unfortunately, he got caught with a superkick while in the air and that took him out cold and gave the championship win to Drake Edwards.

After the match, somebody came out from the back and awarded Drake Edwards the United States Championship Belt. Congratulations to the new champion and it was a very good defense of the title by Wrex Ocelot.

Overall, this episode of VWE Primetime was a fun show. Thinking back, after watching the show a couple of times, I can't find anything to complain about except maybe for lagging badly but that has nothing to do with the show since I'm always lagging badly in Second Life.

As always, my livestream of VWE Primetime sucks and that's why you need to watch VWE shows either personally in-world in Second Life or through VWE's official youtube channel. 

Anyway, that's it for today's review of VWE Primetime and if you have any comments, questions or reactions then please post them in the comments section below.

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