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How to Play SKYRIM in Fullscreen Borderless Window!

Quarantined from home for over 20 days, I spent most of my time playing games and, one of the games, I play is The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. I've noticed a few things about it and, one of them is, there is no mode for a Fullscreen Borderless Window.

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Of course, you can change the screen resolution and go Fullscreen in the settings but what I want is to go Fullscreen without changing screen resolutions. It's like playing the game in a Borderless Window but it covers the entire screen. Sounds confusing? Yes it is but, hopefully, you guys get what I'm saying.

Currently, everyone in the country is under a government forced quarantine for over 20 days and I spent those days playing games. One of the games I play is The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and I play it in Windowed Mode because I'm not a fan of Fullscreen Mode that changes my monitor's screen resolution.

Now, if I suddenly want to play Skyrim in a Fullscreen Borderless Window then it will not happen because the game does not have a setting for something like that. I can only choose from to two modes, Fullscreen Mode or Windowed Mode. Choosing Borderless or even Fullscreen Borderless is not an option.

Fortunately, I found a Skyrim Mod that allowed me to play Skyrim in a Fullscreen Borderless Window and this Skyrim mod is called OneTweak. It's a free Skyrim Mod and I downloaded it from NexusMods.

Using Mod Organizer, I easily installed OneTweak to my Skyrim game and it worked out of the box. I did not change any configuration file nor did I edit any .ini file. I just installed it using Mod Organizer, played Skyrim and it worked. Skyrim launched in a Fullscreen Borderless Window.

How to Play SKYRIM in Fullscreen Borderless Window!

OneTweak is not a new Skyrim Mod, it has existed since December of 2016 and I'm sure a lot of players talked about it already but, if you are like me and you are looking for something that will let you play Skyrim in a Fullscreen Borderless Window then you might want to give OneTweak a try.

So guys, are any of you under a government forced quarantine too? If you are then what games are you playing to pass the time? Post your answers as well as your comments, questions or reactions in the comments section below.

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