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Dragon Fight VR, Next BIG Thing After Shroud of the Avatar!

Dragon Fight VR, Next BIG Thing After Shroud of the Avatar!
Dragon Fight VR, Next BIG Thing After Shroud of the Avatar!

Making new games is fun. Who knows, maybe, it's even more fun to make new games than actually playing them. Well, one of the developers of Shroud of the Avatar must really enjoy making games because he is back with a new game. It's called Dragon Fight VR and it could be the next big thing after the enormous success of Shroud of the Avatar.

As of the creation of this content, Dragon Fight VR is not yet an actual game but the developers did release a video demoing the game. It's a virtual reality game where you as the player gets to fight a dragon.

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In the video demo, the player picked up a Darkstarr-like sword and wandered in the dark for a few seconds. When out nowhere, I dragon appeared and exhaled fire towards the player.

The player shielded the fire and immediately started hitting the dragon with his Darkstarr-like sword. Weirdly enough, the dragon did not put up much of a fight. It had only one attack and that was exhaling fire.

Surprisingly, the amazing video demo of Dragon Fight VR had more dislikes than likes. Maybe because it was a one sided fight or maybe because it showed cruelty to fantastical creatures.

Anyway guys, Dragon Fight VR is obviously still in the very early stage of its development but ready yourselves to open up your wallets and bank accounts once the game moves into its funding stage or when the game becomes available to play.

So guys, are any of you ready and excited to spend your green bucks on Dragon Fight VR? Post your answers as well as your comments, questions or reactions in the comments section below.

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