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City of Heroes Rebirth Gameplay by Kabalyero! New HERO and Shivan Attack Foiled!

City of Heroes Rebirth Gameplay by Kabalyero! New HERO and Shivan Attack Foiled!
City of Heroes Rebirth Gameplay by Kabalyero! New HERO and Shivan Attack Foiled!

City of Heroes Rebirth Gameplay by Kabalyero! Played in a City of Heroes private server called City of Heroes Rebirth. Unlike, City of Heroes Homecoming, City of Heroes Rebirth is not a very populated City of Heroes private server but it runs well and it lets me play and livestream City of Heroes.

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In City of Heroes Rebirth, I created a new character and made him a HERO. My new hero was a natural brute and he specializes in melee combat or hand-to-hand combat. I guess, you can say, my new hero likes to punch things and use brute strength to fight crime.

In the starting area, my new character had to fight through a Shivan invasion and there were so many Shivans invading. The Shivans were easy to kill but their respawn rate was to the roof. Wiping them out was impossible.

At the end of the Shivan invasion, a Giant Shivan appeared and my new hero was tasked to dispose of it. Luckily, disposing the Giant Shivan was not a hard or difficult task. After a few punches from my new hero, the Giant Shivan was defeated.

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After defeating the Giant Shivan, my new hero went back to Atlas Park and officially started his work as a hero. His first missions were related to the Hellions around Atlas Park. In the end, my new hero stopped the Hellions from conducting an evil ritual called the Ritual of Souls and save a lot of innocent people.

After the Hellions, my new hero got entangled with the Skulls. Just like the Hellions, my new hero fought the Skulls every where and it ended when my new hero defeated Bonebreaker to stop the Skulls operation in Hyperion Way.

Anyway, that was my recent City of Heroes Rebirth gameplay experience. If you want to see everything that happened then please watch the entire gameplay video. Also, if you have any comments, questions or reactions then please post them in the comments section below.


City of Heroes: Rebirth is a server project operated by the staff of the City of Heroes Community Discord. Our goal with the issue 24 server is to provide something as close as possible to the game as it was at shutdown. To that end, our goal is for the server to be configured to have no base XP multiplier outside of scheduled double XP weekend events, no microtransactions locked, but also nothing unlocked that can be earned through gameplay.

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