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PokeOne Gameplay by Kabalyero! Mother is Mother of ALL! NANI?

PokeOne Gameplay by Kabalyero! Mother is Mother of ALL! NANI?
PokeOne Gameplay by Kabalyero! Mother is Mother of ALL! NANI?

PokeOne Gameplay by Kabalyero! Started the game by looking for Prof. Oak, finding him, talking to him and getting my first Pokemon from him. The Pokemon I got from Prof. Oak as my first Pokemon was Charmander.

Moving in the game was done using the WASD keys and talking to NPCs was done by using the spacebar key. There were also these red and blue boxes that gives out FREE ITEMS from time to time.

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The next quest after Prof. Oak was to find Gary for my first battle. Finding Gary was easy because he was just standing north of town where everyone enters and leaves.

The pokebattle was turned based. Gary used a Squirtle and I used my Charmander. My Charmander had two skills and they were Growl and Scratch. Also, the pokebattle was in 3D and my Charmander won. Gary was defeated, quest completed and I got 5 pokeballs.

After my first pokebattle with Gary, I spent most of the hour pokebattling wild pokemons. I would just run around the grass and a random encounter with a wild pokemon will happen. The wild pokemons I pokebattled with were Ratatas, Hoothoots, Pidgeys and Sentret.

Whenever my pokemons needed healing, I would simply go back to Mother, talk to her and rest. It seems that all players in the game had the same Mother which makes everyone brothers and sisters. LOL!

Using the pokeballs, I captured two wild pokemons and they were Pidgey and Hoothoot. Both pokemons were bird type pokemons.

Leveling up my character and leveling up my pokemons was a simple task but it was not very easy because it would involve a ton of grind. I can't remember how many times I went back to Mother to heal all my pokemons.

Later in the hour, I challenged Joey to a pokebattle and won and, before ending my gameplay of PokeOne, I challenged Sherman and won again. These challenges were part of the Trainer on Route 1 quest.

Anyway, that was my gameplay of PokeOne. Please watch the entire video, give it a like and subscribe to my Youtube channel.


Based on the Pokémon video game series, PokeOne is an online MMORPG that incorporates an online competitive game mode that allows two or more friends to play at once in an environment with 3D graphics.

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