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Legends of Aria Gameplay by Kabalyero! 80 Chests Crafted! Order Complete!

Legends of Aria Gameplay by Kabalyero! 80 Chests Crafted! Order Complete!
Legends of Aria Gameplay by Kabalyero! 80 Chests Crafted! Order Complete!

Legends of Aria Gameplay by Kabalyero! Continuing from last time I played, I still had an order for 80 chests but I completed the order in this play through. After a few months, I finally crafted 80 chests. LOL!

Back in the world of Legends of Aria, I started my one hour gameplay by going back to chopping down trees for wood. After chopping down trees for wood, I would go back to the Carpentry Table in the City of Valus to craft wood boards or wooden boards.

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I repeated the process a few times until I had enough wooden boards to craft the remaining number of chests in the order. The order was for 80 chests but I had completed or crafted 63 chests and that means I only need to craft 17 more chests to complete the order.

While going through the process of chopping down trees and crafting, I also talked about the naming inconsistency that I noticed when crafting wooden boards.

In the carpentry table window, the item is called wooden board but, when crafted and placed in the back pack, the item's name would change from wooden board to wood board.

It's a small inconsistency but, for someone who was crafting a lot of wood / wooden boards, I found the inconsistency annoying. I don't know why I'm annoyed by it but I'm annoyed by it. LOL!

In the end, I completed the 80 chests order and started working on a new order. The new order was to craft 74 crooks. I hope crafting 74 crooks will not take a few months like crafting 80 chests.

Anyway, that was my gameplay of Legends of Aria. Please watch the entire video, give it a like, share it to your friends and subscribe to my Youtube channel. Every little bit helps.

Thank you!


Legends of Aria is a full loot sandbox MMORPG with a living, breathing world defined and shaped by its player community. It is a world of dangers, where bonds are forged - and broken - by players writing their own stories.

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