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Gran Skrea Online! Dead Body, Killer and Cook Book! NICE!

Gran Skrea Online! Dead Body, Killer and Cook Book! NICE!
Gran Skrea Online! Dead Body, Killer and Cook Book! NICE!

As part of the quest called A Deadly Investigation, I was invited by a few characters to join them in dinner but we did not do any eating because a very long conversation started. It ended when another character appeared to inform those having dinner that someone got killed.

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Everyone vanished into nothing and I did not know where they all went. I just simply went down and found them spread apart in the open area of the building. The body of the one who was killed was still there for everyone to see.

Investigating the death of a character!
Investigating the death of a character!

One of the characters named Alden asked me to investigate what happened and so, I went around and had a talk with everyone. I spent a good amount of time just talking to everyone until I finally figured out who the killer was.

At one point during my investigation, I suddenly attacked one of the guards and even fetch a few buckets of water from the well. Why? Maybe, I thought it would help with the investigation but it did not.

With my very strict way of investigating, the killer admitted his crime and he was none other than the character named Roke. He immediately fled the scene of the crime and I had to follow him for me to capture him.

There were skeletons in the dark!
There were skeletons in the dark!

Roke used a not so hidden tunnel to escape but, even though it was a not so hidden tunnel, I still spent a lot of time searching for the tunnel. My search even led me outside the scene of the crime.

Later, I found where the tunnel was. It was right there at the scene of the crime but I missed finding it the first time. The tunnel led me into a dark dungeon filled with Skeletons and I had to fight these Skeletons in the dark.

Roke was in a hall at the end of the tunnel. We had a brief fight with Roke losing but he was able to escape and even injured the character named Alden while getting away.

Alden was rescued but Roke escape and that was the end of the quest. It was actually a different quest because the first quest ended when I discovered who the killer was.

Now, while I was speaking with another character inside the building, I was suddenly teleported outside the building and landed in water. I got back on land and got a quest to find a Cook Book which I completed before ending the gameplay.

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