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LEGENDS OF ULTIMA! Fishing For One Hour! So, Exciting To Watch! Fishing At 54! LOL!

Legends of Ultima is a community server under Legends of Aria and I spent another hour fishing to level up my Avatar's fishing skill. Sadly, fishing is not a very exciting thing to upload, record or livestream. LOL!

The Sword of Midras - (Blade of the Avatar) by Tracy Hickman & Richard Garriott (Paperback)

The town where my Avatar was fishing was the town of Ocllo. The town of Ocllo is located south of the map and right next to a small fishing lake. Well, I'm not sure if it's a fishing lake but it's where my Avatar was fishing.

At the start of the hour, my Avatar had its fishing skill at 51 but, at the end of the hour, it had increased by 3 and it was now at 54. The goal was to reach 100 but how long it will take? I have no idea.

Also, the Legends of Ultima server went down twice. The first time it went down, I waited for it to go back up and continued playing but, the second time it went down, I stopped and ended the play session.

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