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Death Stranding • Running, Babies in Jars and more Running! • Gameplay Quick Review

Death Stranding • Running, Babies in Jars and more Running! • Gameplay Quick Review

This game, Death Stranding, has amazing graphics. The graphics are so amazing, it looked almost real. I was so blown away by the graphics, I had to show it to wife who was still half asleep at that time but, the real question is, is the game good?

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First off, I didn't play Death Stranding for 2 hours because I don't own a Playstation 4 but I did watch the first 2 hours of gameplay via the MKIceAndFire channel, right here in YouTube.

• MKIceAndFire Death Stranding Gameplay Part 1 →

Now, I don't know a lot about Death Stranding except the fact that it's a creation of Hideo Kojima of the Metal Gear game series. Unfortunately, I was never a big fan of any of the Metal Gear games.

So, after two hours of watching Death Stranding, I can confidently say the graphics of this game is amazing and I already said that in the beginning of the video.

As for the story, the world in Death Stranding is in a big pile of crap. There are unseen beings out there who enjoy making craters from dead human bodies and, to detect them, babies in jars are needed.

The protagonist, Sam Porter Bridges, has an ability to detect, but not see, these unseen beings and he is also immune to getting killed which means he doesn't really die in the game.

In the 2 hours of Death Stranding gameplay that I watched, the Protagonist spent maybe an hour just running. True to his name, the Protagonist is a real porter.

It's almost the same as, watching some one run across a beautifully rendered scenamatic environment and it bored me to sleep. Well, I didn't really fall asleep but I did feel somewhat sleepy while watching Sam Porter Bridges run and deliver dead bodies.

Anyway guys, I'm going to continue watching Death Stranding because I'm curious to learn more about the story and I'm going to continue watching it via MKIceAndFire's channel in YouTube.

Am I interested in playing the game in the future? NOPE because I don't see myself owning a Playstation 4 anywhere in the future and, besides, what's the point of even playing if I've already seen or watch the entire story of the game.

So guys, have any of you played Death Stranding? If you have then what are your thoughts about it? Post your answers as well as your comments, questions or reactions in the comments section below.

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