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New Game Feature! Taxidermy! It's what everyone wants! • Shroud of the Avatar News

New Game Feature! Taxidermy! It's what everyone wants! • Shroud of the Avatar News

Introducing a new game feature like Taxidermy is very exciting and, as you know, it's what every Shroud of the Avatar player wants because stuffing monsters like Dragons is cool.

By the way guys, Legends of Ultima is a community server in Legends of Aria and it's trying to recreate the best parts from the early eras of Ultima Onine. I'm not an Ultima Online player but if you are then check it out.

Legends of Ultima →

Well! It seems that one of the things mentioned in SOTACON is Taxidermy and according to a post in the SOTA Forum and I quote, "They discussed the fact that they have most of what is needed graphically to do this and so forth and will be implementing it."

New Game Feature! Taxidermy! It's what everyone wants! • Shroud of the Avatar News

Unfortunately, it wasn't mentioned when Catnip Games LLC will implement or when Taxidermy will appear in Shroud of the Avatar but if that happens then everyone must show excitement for it because that is what everyone wants.

Remember, it's always better to introduce new shiny things because it makes the remaining player base that brings in the money happy than fixing broken things which will not make anyone happy.

As always, I'm simply making fun of these things. I'm sure the new owners of Shroud of the Avatar know what they're doing because they're much better than the previous owners.

So guys, are you looking forward in stuffing your first Dragon in Shroud of the Avatar? Post your answers as well as your comments, questions or reactions in the comments section below.

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