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Highway Robbery, Prices Are Unreasonable! #nomoremoney • Shroud of the Avatar News

Highway Robbery, Prices Are Unreasonable! #nomoremoney • Shroud of the Avatar News

Heritage items are non-tradeable items and, because they're non-tradeable, they are also priced lower, right? Maybe if we're talking about a different but in Shroud of the Avatar, it's not.

Shroud of the Avatar still has a bunch of super fans and, for them, the developers are Gods that can do no wrong. Of course, not every one is like that. Many are normal fans and they just want to play a good game without breaking their wallets but I digress.

In the official Shroud of the Avatar forum, one player, who is also a Town Governor, called out the prices of these Heritage items as a "Highway Robbery" and used the hashtag #nomoremoney.

Highway Robbery, Prices Are Unreasonable! #nomoremoney • Shroud of the Avatar News

I do understand that the developers need money to continue working on the game but I'm sure they can make the prices of these non-tradeable items more reasonable.

For example, $45 US Dollars for a non-tradeable Dungeon Teleporter and that's supposed to be priced lower. Just imagine how much these Dungeon Teleporters would have cost if they were not non-tradeable. They would have cost hundreds of dollars.

How about this, instead of $45 US Dollars, why not priced it at $5 US Dollars. It sounds more reasonable and it could even be more affordable to more players but if the devs are targeting the big spenders then I guess there's no changing that.

So guys, do you see the developers lowering the prices of Heritage items? Post your answers as well as your comments, questions or reactions in the comments section below.

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