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Gather Beetle Carapace, Make Game Gold | Shroud of the Avatar

Gather Beetle Carapace, Make Game Gold | Shroud of the Avatar

Beetle Carapace is a very very rare resource and you can only get it from Wild Cotton Plants or Cotton Plants found in adventure areas. You can grow millions of Cotton Plant but none of them will have a Beetle Carapace.

Recently, the in-game market value of Beetle Carapace has risen to very high levels. In fact, the last 40 Beetle Carapace that I sold were priced at 2000 game gold each and I think I saw someone selling at 2400 game gold each.

If you are a new Shroud of the Avatar player and you are looking to make some game gold then try gathering Beetle Carapaces. Again, they are very very rare but it's worth your time.

So guys, have you tried gathering Beetle Carapaces in-game? How many have you gathered in an hour and where are you gathering them? Post your answers as well as your comments, questions or reactions in the comments section below.

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