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24 Hour Fishing Derby @ Britt Mart, Over 1350 In Prizes

24 Hour Fishing Derby @ Britt Mart, Over 1350 In Prizes

A few days ago, the governor of Britt Mart held a 24 Hour Fishing Derby in his town and it was open to everyone. The Fishing Derby also had a total of 1,350 COTOs in prizes.

I spent over 3 hours fishing at Britt Mart during the 24 Hour Fishing Derby but, sadly, I didn't win anything because I didn't catch the longest of any of the targeted fishes and they were Pike, King Salmon and Pacu.

Even though I caught a bunch of Pacus, none of the Pacus I caught were long enough to get me a win. I also caught a King Salmon but, just like the Pacus I caught, the King Salmon was not the longest King Salmon caught in the 24 Hour Fishing Derby.

The winners of the 24 Hour Fishing Derby were the following; First Prize went to the fisher who caught the longest Pike with a length of 2.03, Second Prize went to the fisher who caught the longest King Salmon with a length of 2.51 and Third Prize went to the fisher who caught the longest Pacu with a length of 0.99.

The First Prize winner received 650 COTOs, the Second Prize winner received 450 COTOs and the Third Prize winner received 250 COTOs. One fisher received 100 COTOs as a Special Prize for submitting more than 1 fish.

This coming weekend, another Fishing Contest will happen and it will happen in various towns with even bigger and better prizes. To learn more about this Fishing Contest, click on the link in the description of this video.

So guys, do you enjoy fishing in games? If you do then what is the game where you often do your fishing? Post your answers as well as your comments, questions or reactions in the comments section below.

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