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How To Show Your Fortnite Ping While Playing!

How To Show Your Fortnite Ping While Playing!

Hey guys, I have Fortnite installed but I don't play a lot of Fortnite because I'm bad at playing it but I do know that having a good ping or a low ping is very important because the higher the ping the laggier Fortnite is and it's true to all games played online.

Last year, I uploaded a video about checking your Ping in Fortnite and that video received a lot of, not likes but, dislikes. This year, I uploaded this video where I would show you how to show or display your Ping while playing Fortnite.

Showing your Ping while playing Fortnite is actually very simple. While you are in a match, press the Escape Key to open the Dropdown Menu and click on the Gear Icon to open the Settings Window.

How To Show Your Fortnite Ping While Playing!

In the Settings Window, click on the Gear Icon again to open the Game Settings Options and click on the HUD Tab to open the HUD Settings Options.

How To Show Your Fortnite Ping While Playing!

In the HUD Settings Options, browse down and look for the Net Debug Stats Settings and turn it ON by clicking on the Right Arrow Icon. After that, click on the Apply Button and close the Settings Window.

How To Show Your Fortnite Ping While Playing!

Back in the game, you will see, right next to your Character Name, your current Ping in Fortnite while you are playing the game. If that number goes up to over 200 then you might feel some lag while playing Fornite.

Now, if that happens and it continues to happen in a regular basis then you might want to give one of those Ping Reducers like WTFast, NoPing Tunnel, Kill Ping and others a try.

Who knows, one of them might work perfectly for you. If not then you might want to check your computer for programs that run in the background and do shady things like downloading or updating without you knowing.

Also, scan your computer for viruses and maybe try cleaning your computer with a free program like CCleaner ( which I use everyday on my own computer.

Anyway, I hope none of you are having any lag problems while playing Fortnite. If you do then share your experience and how you fixed your lag or high ping in Fortnite in the comments section below.

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