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City Of Heroes 2019 Server, GONE! Server Was Deleted?

City Of Heroes 2019 Server, GONE! Server Was Deleted?

Today, I wanted to play City of Heroes. I was looking forward to at least an hour of crime fighting with my hero in the game but, when I started the Tequila program, SCORE City of Heroes Server was no longer in the list.

So, what happened to the SCORE City of Heroes server? Well, the short answer to that question is, the server got deleted and, based on what I've read in the unofficial City of Heroes Discord Chat, it was deleted by the person hosting/running the server.

So, why was it deleted? Again, based on what people were saying in Discord, the person hosting/running the City of Heroes server panicked about some kind of legal threat and deleted everything.

Anyway, if you want to know what's happening with this particular City of Heroes server then I suggest you join its Discord Channel. It's a very active Discord Channel with a lot of things being said about what's happening and what will happen.

Use this link to join the COH Discord Channel (

For me, even though I only got to play an hour of City of Heroes in 2019, the experience was still a blast. City of Heroes was a great MMORPG and, many years later, it was still a great MMORPG.

I'm hoping that a new City of Heroes server is established or started but, until then, I'm just going to sit back, relax and enjoy Avengers Endgame a day from now.

So guys, were you able to play City of Heroes these past few days? How many Heroes or Villains did you make? Post your answers as well as your comments, questions or reactions in the comments section below.

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