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Playing PUBG LITE Badly! Caught Looking At The MAP!

#NowPlaying PUBG LITE Badly! Caught Looking At The MAP!

Now playing PUBG LITE badly! If you are expecting something awesome from this PUBG LITE gameplay then you are in the wrong place.

In the first Squad Match, I lasted less than 15 minutes but I did get a kill. Sadly, I was killed right after.

In the second Squad Match, I managed to last for 28 minutes. I also got 2 kills and my team Ranked 6th place.

In the third Squad Match, my team went to loot a Supply Drop but we were pinned down by multiple shooters. I died but I was able to get at least 1 kill.

In the fourth Squad Match, I managed to get my team in the Top 10 by simply surviving but I was killed while I was looking at the map.

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