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Apex Legends NOT A Fortnite Killer

When Apex Legends was released and had millions of players rushing to play it. Stories, articles, tweets, videos, etc. about how it would kill Fortnite got shared and posted everywhere in the internet. Guess what guys, Apex Legends is NOT a Fortnite killer.

Just a little disclaimer, I don't play any of these two games. I stopped playing Fortnite completely in 2019 because I was not having fun playing it anymore and Apex Legends don't like AMD Phenom users. So, it won't really bother me if they kill or destroy each other but I digress.

According to an article posted in Polygon and I quote, "Epic confirmed that the game reached 7.6 million concurrent players on Saturday, Feb. 16, a non-special-event record for Fortnite."

The same thing was also posted in an article in Forbes and I quote, "Even more important is that the game set a new record for non-event concurrent players with 7.6 million people playing on Saturday, February 16. That's even during an ostensible "break" in the development schedule before the launch of Season 8."

Both articles in both websites also mentioned that Fortnite had over 10 million players online during the Marshmello concert and this concert happened just a couple of weeks ago.

As for Apex Legends, various websites like IGN reported that and I quote, "the game hosted two million concurrent players during its peak over the weekend."

2 millions concurrent players is still a lot of players but, even with that numbers, Apex Legends still has to do a lot more if it wants to surpass the current king of Battle Royale games, Fortnite.

Maybe, Apex Legends can start by letting AMD Phenom users play the game. I'm sure doing that will help boost, even by a little bit, it's number of players.

So guys, do you see Apex Legends surpassing Fortnite to become the new King of Battle Royale games? Post your answers as well as your comments, questions or reactions in the comments section below.

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