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NOX PLAYER! Still NO Sound Or NO Audio? Try THIS!

NOX PLAYER! Still NO Sound Or NO Audio? Try THIS!

It seems that some of you are still getting NO Sounds in NOX Player. Well, last time my Nox Player had no sounds, I simply set Nox Player to Run as Administrator.

It was working for a while but just like some of you my Nox Player again had no sounds.

This time, besides setting Nox Player to Run as Administrator, I did an extra step and it worked.

So, what did I do? In my Nox Player's shortcut properties and under the Compatibility Tab, I checked Run this program in compatibility mode for and selected Windows 7.

I selected Windows 7 because my OS is Windows 7. If Windows 7 doesn't work for you then try the other versions of Windows in the drop down list.

Anyway, it worked for me and I hope it will work for you too. If not then please don't get mad at me. I'm just sharing what I did to fix the problem on my end.

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