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POINT BLANK PH & WTFAST, Connecting, Choosing Server, Failing & Success!

POINT BLANK PH & WTFAST, Connecting, Choosing Server, Failing & Success!

POINT BLANK PH & WTFAST, Connecting, Choosing Server, Failing & Success!

Point Blank PH and WTFast! Connecting, choosing a server, game crashing and success!

I have read a few comments about connecting to Point Blank PH using WTFast. It seems that some players were IP Blocked from the game.

I did do a video before about Point Blank PH and WTFast but that was a long time ago.

Today, I re-installed Point Blank PH and tried to connect to the game with WTFast running. It worked the first time when WTFast was set to choose the best server but failed to connect when I tried to manually choose or select a server twice.

It's not that WTFast was failing to connect to the game. It was more because the game, Point Blank PH, kept on crashing.

In my final attempt, I set WTFast to choose the best server automatically and the game, Point Blank PH, loaded and run without crashing!

Anyway, if you are IP Blocked from Point Blank PH by Garena then try using WTFast because WTFast is basically just a VPN made for gamers.

Now, if for some reason you're having problems using WTFast then try using other VPNs like maybe vyprVPN ( or even maybe Hotspot Shield (

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