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Second Life Wrestling • VWE FRIDAY NIGHT EDGE (11.2.2018) NIGHT OF PROMOS

Second Life Wrestling • VWE FRIDAY NIGHT EDGE (11.2.2018) NIGHT OF PROMOS

Second Life Wrestling • VWE FRIDAY NIGHT EDGE (11.2.2018) NIGHT OF PROMOS

VWE Friday Night EDGE is a Second Life Wrestling event/show presented by VWE or Virtual Wrestling Entertainment in the Virtual World of Second Life.

Today's VWE Friday Night EDGE was all about the PROMOS. Many wrestlers came out from the back not to wrestle but to TALK and talk they did.

The Night of Promos started with the pair of Lyra Phoenix and Ellen Embers and the pair of Rani Patel and Brooke Owens. They had a very long discussion that took around 10 minutes. LOL!

Lyra Phoenix and Ellen Embers

After that, The Big Shot Benja Nirvana came out SMOKING with his VWE Extreme Championship Belt, addressed the crowd, got out of the ring, swatted with a baseball bat by Razar Diesel, went down, got pinned and left the arena without the VWE Extreme Championship Belt. LOL!

The Big Shot Benja Nirvana and Razar Diesel

Next was a 5 minute promo from the VWE United States Champion The Icon DHA DavidHawk Actor before his match against NIGHT!

The Icon DHA DavidHawk Actor came out accompanied by Cheryl White who tried to distract Night during the match. The match ended when one of the wrestlers decided to go back home early.

The Icon DHA DavidHawk Actor came out accompanied by Cheryl White
VWE Superstar NIGHT

It was followed by an 8 minute promo by The Eliminator Seth Cameron who talked about this and that. He spent a lot of time talking about the things he wanted to talk about and left the ring when he finished talking.

The Eliminator Seth Cameron

Next was a match between the reigning VWE Radiance Champion Lyra Phoenix and former VWE Radiance Champion Rani Patel. The Red Hot Phoenix was accompanied by Ellen Embers while The Stunning Rani was joined by Brooke Owens.

It was there second meeting of the night but, this time, they were in the ring not to talk but to wrestle. Let's get it ON!

It was a 15 minute match where either wrestler got a clear advantage over the other. None of the extra ladies outside the ring interfered in the match that ended with a clean pin for the victor.

Finally, VWE Friday Night EDGE ended with a 10 minute PROMO featuring Brakman Wylder, VWE Heavyweight Champion Michael Karsin and The Big Shot Benja Nirvana.

VWE Heavyweight Champion Michael Karsin

The promo ended with Brakman Wylder on his back with the lights in the entire arena turned off and everyone going home.

Brakman Wylder

Of course, for more details of what actually happened in today's VWE Friday Night EDGE, all you have to do is watch the video in full.

If you wish to watch the Official Livestream of VWE Friday Night EDGE then you can do so by going to VWE's website at

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