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VWE Friday Night EDGE In Second Life (10/5/2018) • New Extreme Champion

VWE Friday Night EDGE In Second Life (10/5/2018) • New Extreme Champion

VWE Friday Night EDGE In Second Life (10/5/2018) • New Extreme Champion?

VWE Friday Night EDGE In Second Life (10/5/2018) • New Extreme Champion and, in this episode of VWE Friday Night EDGE, VWE crowned a new Extreme Champion. (Join Second Life FREE)

The show started with The Icon entering the ring and addressing the crowd. Jeffery Fireguard came out and had a conversation with The Icon.

The Icon David Hawk Actor or DHA addressing the audience!

The Icon DHA is still obsessed on becoming the VWE United States Champion. He is very dedicated and passionate in achieving his goal which, I guess, is not a bad thing.

First match was between Jeffery Fireguard and Seth Cameron. During the match, two guys came out and distracted Seth Cameron. The two guys were Surik Oanomochi and Bryce Ketterley.

Surik Oanomochi and Bryce Ketterley distracted Seth Cameron and Jeffery Fireguard!

For the second match, Maxine Fireguard came out early and had somethings to say to the crowd. Later, her opponent for the match, Brooke Owens came out and the match officially started.

Maxine Fireguard had something to say to the crowd before her match with Brooke Owens!

Before the Main Event, NIGHT came out and had something to say as well. After he was done, the wrestlers for the Main Event came out and they were The Big Shot and Jayson Rain.

NIGHT took center stage in tonight's VWE Friday Night EDGE right before the Main Event!

Now, do you want to know the details of what happened in the show? All you have to do is watch the full video.

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