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Joust in Renaissance Island In Second Life (10/4/2018) • Featuring Little Bear

Joust in Renaissance Island In Second Life (10/4/2018) • Featuring Little Bear

Joust in Renaissance Island In Second Life (10/4/2018) • Little Bear & Mr. Wooden Horse and, in this Second Life Jousting Tournament, the rules are a little bit different.

For authenticity, the Jousting List is missing the outer rails or railings. Jousters are also only allowed to ride straight forward. No dodging, no avoiding and no swerving like the way jousting was done in the days of old.

The Little Bear with a Dagger in Renaissance Island in Second Life!

The Jousting Tournament here in Renaissance Island, for me, was very interesting because it's somewhat different from the ones I've seen or watched.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to watching and sharing future Jousting Tournaments in Renaissance Island.

Now, to see who participated and who won the Jousting Tournament in Renaissance Island, simply watch the entire video.

Queen Topaz charges in towards her opponent, Lucien Redangel, in Renaissance Island's Jousting Tournament in Second Life!

P.S. LOL! I kinda ended the Livestream before the Awards were given because I thought there wouldn't be one but I stayed, waited and was able to take screenshots of the winners.

Congratulations to Rachel Windsong and Havagar. Two of the winners in the Jousting Tournament in Renaissance Island in Second Life!

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