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GUNS OF GLORY On PC • Defense Walls Destroyed T_T

GUNS OF GLORY On PC • Defense Walls Destroyed T_T

GUNS OF GLORY On PC • Defense Walls Destroyed T_T

Guns of Glory is a mobile game but I'm playing it on my PC. Use this link to play Guns of Glory on your PC too (

It's been a few days since I last visited my Guns of Glory Estate. When I logged back into the game, I was greeted with a message saying my Estate's Defense Walls were destroyed and my Estate or City was teleported somewhere safe.

I guess, my Estate or City was attacked by another player while I was not playing the game. It sucks but that's how games like Guns of Glory works. Spend hours building your city or estate or empire only to see it get destroyed because of inactivity. LOL!

In any case, I spent over an hour playing the game. I upgraded my buildings, trained some more soldiers or troops, upgraded my castle and even joined an Alliance.

Hopefully, having an Alliance will at least help my Estate or City from getting attacked while I'm not playing the game.

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